Welcome to Richfield, Michoacana Tasty!

Richfield has a new addition to the foodie scene. Michoacana Tasty’s menu is an eclectic mix of 30-plus Mexican street snacks, burgers and 20-plus homemade ice cream flavors.  “We wanted a restaurant that wasn’t just for Latino people, although that was important to us. We wanted to appeal to other cultures, too,” says Veronica Velazquez-Vasquez, who co-owns the restaurant with Jorge Rangel. “We looked at it like this–what’s the best way to make more friends, have fun and eat tasty food and ice cream?”

The new restaurant at the corner of 66th and Nicollet is cooking up a wide variety of burgers, including the popular Hawaiian burger, the Hangover burger, the classic cheeseburger and their specialty, the Poblana burger (Oaxaca cheese, grilled Poblana peppers, grilled onions, Poblano aioli, lettuce, and tomatoes).

“We use Poblano aioli in our burger recipe,” says Veronica. Poblano is a chili native to the mountainous areas near Puebla, Mexico, near where Veronica grew up. (Not surprisingly, the Poblano burger is her favorite on the menu.)

You’ll also find a wide assortment of refreshing beverages like Coco Horchata Water, Aguas Frescas, and Fresa Cremosa on the menu.

But back to that ice cream. Did we mention it was homemade?

“Jorge and I wanted to be different. We wanted people to be able to eat FRESH ice cream in our restaurant,“ said Veronica. “And the kids that come in here love it!”

While the #1 sellers are Blackberry Cheesecake and Mangonada, Veronica’s own favorite is the Pine Nut.

Elotes (corn on a stick) are another popular menu item, and Veronica says that many Latinos in Richfield come to Michoacana Tasty just for the mameys (which is made with real mamey fruit), crepes and homemade popsicles.

Veronica used to live close to Richfield so the location off 66th and Nicollet felt right.

“My parents came to U.S. in 1995 and always wanted to live in Richfield,” says Veronica. “Richfield has always been a mix of cultures—there’s nothing else like it in the Twin Cities.”

And so far the feedback and reactions from Richfield residents have been overwhelmingly positive. Since Michoacana Tasty opened on February 8, the reviews have been flooding in.

Among those reviews:

  • “I am so excited this is new to Richfield . This is going to be such a great place for families.”
  • “Delicious ice cream and popsicles!! Food is great, too!! This will definitely be a regular stop for our family!”
  • “Fan-flipping-tastic!! Do yourself a favor and run, do not walk, to get your hands on their amazing Fresas con Crema.”

With reviews like these, Michoacana Tasty is on its way to becoming a Richfield institution. Welcome back to Richfield, Veronica, Jorge and Michocana Tasty!