Richfield: Your Urban Oasis

For an inner-ring suburb with such a small geographic area, Richfield has an amazing variety of outdoor parks and trails. Our parks and trails attract locals and visitors alike outside in every season!

One of our most popular parks is Wood Lake Nature Center – a 150-acre nature preserve nestled in an urban setting filled with cattail marsh, woodland, and restored prairie. There are also several neighborhood parks where you can do everything from skateboarding to playing a game of pickleball.

Whatever you do, be sure not to miss the incredible bike trails that weave through the city, connecting to a broader network of regional trails. And if you have kids in the family, be sure to bring them to Richfield’s new inclusive play space at Augsburg Park. It’s fenced in and designed for kids of all abilities and developmental stages. It’s one of just a few parks of its kind in the Twin Cities.

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